Honest. Ethical. Hard Working.


Experienced Family Law Scholar

For Lori DeAngelis Griffith, family law is not just her profession – it’s her passion. She is a Partner with Griffith & Griffith and is the only candidate with a long history of experience in the specialized area of family law, serving as the Past President of the Family Law Bar, and former director of the Tarrant Family Law Bar. For over a quarter century, she has helped families navigate the family law system, protecting the rights of children and working to deliver justice for local families.


Dedicated Conservative Leader

Lori DeAngelis Griffith knows it’s the job of Judges to strictly interpret and enforce the law, not re-write it. An unwavering constitutionalist, Lori will uphold the law, respect the true intent of our founders, and reject judicial activism that seems to dominate many of our nation’s courts. Outside of the courtroom, Lori has been an active grassroots Republican, serving as President of the Cowtown Republican Women since its inception.


Devoted Wife & Mother

Lori has been married to George Griffith for 18 years, and she is the proud mother of a stepson, son and daughter, with the youngest children attending Martin High School in Arlington. Lori has volunteered her time for our youth by coaching soccer, softball and volleyball. Lori and her family attend Fielder Church in Arlington. She graduated from North Texas State University before earning her Juris Doctor degree from Baylor University Law School.


Lori DeAngelis Griffith’s
conservative approach to justice.

The beauty of our legal system is that all Americans are treated equally and impartially, without regard to class, creed or color. But when activist Judges twist, contort and reinterpret the law, those basic protections are shredded. The law becomes subjective. People are treated differently. Justice is therefore no longer impartial.

For Lori DeAngelis Griffith, upholding and strictly interpreting the law is the vital function of our judiciary. She knows that order is preserved when the law is protected, and that disorder is guaranteed when liberal Judges undermine it.

As Judge of the 233rd District Court, Lori will be a strict constructionist – meaning she will always abide by the original intent of the law. With more than a quarter century of experience trying cases in family law, Lori has an intricate knowledge of family law, and how to arrive at rulings that are just for the parties involved.